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Default I era with thick yellow/mustard wee and nail fallen out

Any ideas? The vet ran bloods and X-ray which were all normal and without a diagnosis and thought early hibernation. Female ibera aged about 25yrs, off her food for almost a month, not walking that much, thick yellow mustard colour urine and now a large nail fallen off. If you tempt her with food she ignores it and if you put it in her mouth she spits it out. We were told do do warm baths and now off to another vet. Any ideas?
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it will probably need a vet diagnosis from bloods and tests. just urine affected? and she was hydrated ok ...eyes sunken? no pus in mouth? nail fallen off could be infection and finally come away - my horsfields routinely lose nails or they grind down to their skin. No shell rot you can see?
Hope she is ok
love your web site by the way....could build masses onto that , CB
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