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Default Permanent outdoor housing

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have a 6 year old Hermanns who I've had since a baby. I've always kept her inside during the colder months and hibernated in a fridge, but she is outside (day and night) when it is lovely and warm. The outside enclosure is 9ft square with access to a portion of my greenhouse, with a thermostat and heat lamp.

This year I would like to keep her outside 365 days 24/7. What are your top tips to make this transition (for me and my tort, Hettie)?

I have a deep container that I was thinking I could fill with soil and set my thermostat to a lower temp for hibernation. Would this be sufficient? What temp should I set the lamp to? Is there a better alternative than this solution?

What is best for the colder months when she is still awake?

Thanks, Gemma

1 Hermanns Tortoise - Hettie
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