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Jan I am pleased he is eating small amounts, well he is only little. I am sure s/he will inprove when he gets used to you and hsis surroundings. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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Great news, Jan, that Gimble has eaten a little
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burnt toast
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Hi Gimble
I too am having a very similar senario at the moment. I have other torts but also an 8 month old hatchling, who luckily is in quaranteen. All seemed well at first but then I noticed a drop in activity followed by a drop in appetite. A trip to the vet revealed a very heavy worm load - she had 3 different types! She was given one lot of worm medicine at the vets & an anabolic steroid injection to pep her up & help her along- poor little thing she hated the vets. She has since had one more dose of medicine & she will have her last this Saturday but apart from pepping up for a day or so after the injection she has just been exactly the same as your describing. Some days she will eat, a tiny amount but usually she either sits under her heat lamp or toddles off to bed. I have to place the food in front of her in a circle to try & coax her to eat & she usually tramples over it & back to bed. Bathing does seem to inspire her to take the odd nibble she has had, so keep up the baths & im using critical care & or reptoboost in her baths on days she doesnt eat.

I removed her substrate to make it easier to spot droppings & generally clean & disinfect her table. I did try her on those absorbent puppy training pads but she hated it & got very stressed, so I put her back on newspaper & gave her some pieces of terry toweling in her hide area as they do like to burry into something but obviously you have to throw them away regularly. Good luck with your tort I hope you get to the bottom of things & he picks up soon.
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Box girl
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If he has started to eat then hopefully he will continue. How big is he, can you get food into his mouth and hand feed a little. One thing don't over bother him. Give a bath once a day and then let him be. Tortoises do suffer stress and if feeling poorly may need to be left just like you OH with Man flu mine is the same!
I do hope he is feeling better soon.

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great news that hes ate a bit let pray he improve day by dayx
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Hi Jan,

Just read your update and really glad Gimble's picked up a wee bit. I will keep everything crossed he continues to improve. Eating is a great sign and moving around a little too is really good. I know what it's like sitting willing them to eat - your heart just goes out to them - I've been in a similar position to before. It sounds like he's got a great new home - he's lucky to have you. Anyway please keep us updated.
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Thankyou all for your concern.I was hoping someone would advise fewer baths he must be fed up of me always doing something or other to him. Its in the lap of the Gods now, all I can do is keep offering foods and vitamins plus his once a day bath in Critical care and hope for the best.
Burno my heart goes out to you because beleive me I know how you are feeling.The sheer joy when they take a nibble of something and then that sick feeling when all they want to do is go back to bed- its a roller coaster ride. But Hun. I am feeling very very optimistic about Gimble and I am sure your baby will buck up too. Hopefully we will have some lovely sunny spring days and we can get them outside to have some real sun on their backs. Chin up Hun- both our tinies will make it I'm sure.
love Jan.
PS OH has promised pics taken tomorrow, I said ok as long as he doesnt breath all over Gimble! He is SCL 6.5 CMS. Gimble , not OH
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health, sadness

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