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As my husband always says a lot of hangers on that contribute nothing to the family budget!
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The only good rat is a dead one.
He wouldn't be alive if he was at my house I can tell you.
That needs feeding with some nice poison b4 you end up with an army of babies everywhere or just blow its brains out .......
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they are horrid - just posted on wildlife camera another one in the daytime e!! surely they should be asleep ! and wait til cats come out otherwise I don't get the saying cat and mouse if they come out in the day and cats sleep, CB
Horsfields, Spur Thighed, & Marginata
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They say if you see a rat at night there could be a dozen more but if you see one in the daytime there could be 100 more
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Old 10-06-2020, 08:50 AM   #35
burnt toast
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I hosed my raised food bed yesterday evening & out jumped a rodent!

Wehad rats about two/three years ago. The. Council stopped baiting & trapping sewers so numbers multiplied apparently.(first rat id seen since living here32 years ago) im hoping it was a mouse, not a rat butdont suppose there's much difference? Maybe rats are. More powerful / destructive?

I remember reading up on them at the time: mice only need a tiny amount of water to survive but rats need much more. I should empty my waterbowls at night I guess. Ive got loads.
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Be careful if you've got rats about. We had one chew through the wooden floorboards, skirting board, carpet gripper, carpet underlay and carpet to come into the living room and eat the parrots' food at night. We had no idea until one day I was painting the ceiling and looked into a pot on a shelf and it was full of nut shells, seed etc.

Long story short - we blocked the hole with wire wool and wire, but the next night it chewed through the concrete floor of the extension and left a big hole in the carpet.

They will get through chicken wire no problem.
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After we had a rat get into our kitchen while replacing some decking I bought a couple of these and it was the best £5 Iíve ever spent

They absolutely canít resist peanut butter and take the bait in no time. Only once it didnít crack the rats neck but got its head/face instead and I found it convulsing but it died in a couple of minutes so I donít think it suffered much.
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