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Default Zoo Med Powersun 100w UVB

Hello All

I was just wondering if anyone could give me an estimate on how much a month my electricty bill will be by using one of these for 12 - 14 hours a day?

is it an extra 50 or not as much as that or more?

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well that depends on what your paying per unit , if its say 15p per kilo watt hour the bulb would cost you 1 1/2 p per hour x 10 hours =15p x 7 days = 1.05 per week x 26 weeks = 27.30.
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Ozric Jonathan
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I think RFM is right. Its just the same as any other 100watt bulb in power useage so its not much at all for one lamp. My guess is similar to RFM.

maybe £5 a month at the top end.
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when you look at the figures above,per day and per week, costs look very good,when you multiply by 26/52 weeks per year then multiply by the number of lamps your running OMG
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I think it's worth asking about cost running as more keeper's move into more Tort's, different breed's, outside heated hut's ect. I worked out my heated shed averages about £17 a month through the winter into May.
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