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I have the new book. It’s very good but I would say that if you have the “Naturalistic keeping...” book this one maybe isn’t essential. It expands on the topics covered in the first book and has additional interesting information on natural habitat and behaviour. The photos are great, especially the habitat ones and show that we’re all still getting it wrong in terms of captive keeping. It’s not vast open spaces of dirt and sand, the habitat is virtually 100% ground cover of various heights which the tortoises make pathways through.

It’s fairly Hermann’s centric too.

Originally Posted by emma_mcraf View Post
Mediterranean Tortoises: Where and how they live in the Wild

Thanks Lynn. The link took me to your imgur photo but that was fine as I then knew the name of the title to search for.
I’m also intrigued but I presume that as this is for Mediterranean tortoises and not just Hermanns, it might be different.
Be good if anyone has read it. Might see if the library can order it in.
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