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Originally Posted by GemmaR View Post

Thanks for your reply! Apparently they're the person the vets call in if they don't know what to do for a tortoise but they suggested things like vivariums which are a terrible idea for Spur-thighed!!

We keep them in a tortoise table with the proper UV lamp and feed them on a diet of weeds from the garden. They have a small tray of water to drink from and get daily baths. We put ground cuttlefish on their food every day and a small amount of nutrobal about twice a week. They also have a cuttlefish bone in the table to gnaw on. Not sure what else you need to know?

Thanks again for your help!!
Your tortoise might well just had got a poke in the eye, its easily done. Or got poked in the eye by another tortoise.
It might well be simple to cure. But you have to know what you are dealing with.
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