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Unhappy Spur-thigh with puffy eye

We have been keeping spur thigh tortoises for a while now. We have some four and five year olds who always hibernate and are just winding down now. We also have three 16month old tortoises who were too small to hibernate last year but we are planning to this time.

One of the babies has a puffy eye which we are worried about. We took her to a tortoise expert who wasn't sure what was wrong but suggested human eye drops. Do you have any other advice? Not sure what's wrong with her. Also she said that tortoises under 5 should never hibernate. Obviously we were not going to hibernate her since she's ill but does that mean we shouldn't hibernate the other hatchlings (or presumably even the older ones) either? We've already separated her out to try to prevent the others catching whatever it is if they haven't already.

Thank you so much for any comments - we're worried about them but don't know who to ask since some of the advice we were given goes against a lot of what we thought before!!

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