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Originally Posted by CustardCubes View Post
Thanks for all the advice.

I think I will look into a combined, with maybe a ceramic for night heat if the room is too cool. Just a bit worried about spending so much on one bulb, in case it doesn't last too long. I've seen some quite bad reviews but hopefully it'll last the 2 years!
i really think you have to be careful buying heating/lighting or anything for any reptile as a lot of companys just want your cash and are not for the reptiles, at least thats what i believe... you will have no problems with a standard UV tube except i dnt think UV penetrates glass (probebly not an issue but most ppl dnt know this).. though cheaper on the outset UV tubes do need replacing every 6 months so your best bet is to buy the expensive buld and cross your fingers it lasts!!! i think im doing the same tomorrow....

edit: after digging around reading reviews and research I wont be using the combined bulbs until more is known about them.. there is to much conflicting stories and i know that tube lighting has been around a long time thus more is known about any effects/drawbacks and are generally regarded as safe for all reptiles.
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