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Shelled Warriors Forum Rules

Shelled Warriors is a friendly informative forum, and in no way is it a dictatorship.

We all offer our own personal experiences and advice, whether this be taken or not is up to the individual member who is looking for such advice.

No topic is taboo, we all have our own little way of doing things, tortoises are all individual too, and what works for one might not work for another.

It seems that a few members feel they cannot post on certain issues thinking there will be mayhem as a result; the mod team are here to control matters as they can sometimes get out of hand.

Please read what you type before you hit the submit button as sometimes it can be read a different way, use smiles in your posts to lighten and portray your post, and always be thoughtful of other members.

The views and opinions expressed on this website, forum and chatroom are those of the individual members and guests of Shelled Warriors, and not those of the Shelled Warriors owners unless explicitly stated. We are not responsible for the content of links to external websites.

If anyone has any problems please feel free to PM any member of the Mod/Admin team.

By posting on these forums you agree to follow these rules:

• Users with less than 5 posts will have their posts moderated. This means unless an Admin/Mod approves your post, it will not be viewable. This is to stop spammers from using the forum.

• Any content within a thread/post on Shelled Warriors that is deemed inappropriate by the Admin/Mod team may be removed or edited at their discretion.

• No threads of mature content outside of the 18+ forum.

• No personal messages. i.e. ' I have just PM’d you.'

• No cross posting (posting threads in two or more forums).

• No profanity or racism allowed in threads.

• No abusive/threatening/disrespectful language towards to members or moderators/admins.

• No one worded replies. i.e. 'Awwwww, LOL or Surprised etc.'

• No text speak to be used in replies, such as 'u' instead of 'you'.

• Please post threads in appropriate forums.

• We have a policy of NOT NAMING pet shops and online sellers.

• Before posting/PMing links to other forums/websites please seek permission from an Admin/Mod. If refused, please do not enter into further correspondence as a failure to reply may offend.

• Only parents of children are allowed to post pictures of their own children and in doing so are effectively giving permission for Shelled Warriors to display said pictures on the forum. Shelled Warriors cannot be held responsible if any third party copies and uses said pictures.

• Shelled Warriors recommends that parents make themselves aware of their children’s Internet activities and a child’s use of this forum whilst moderated should be at parental discretion.

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