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  1. em7070
    26-07-2010 09:45 AM
    Hope you've had a nice weekend Angie, will email you when I get a spare moment! xx
  2. em7070
    15-07-2010 10:17 PM
    Lol you did still impress me honest, its a great site! Especially with photo's too Ok thank you Hopefully it'll be a little busier at work too! Hope you have a nice time if you go out xx
  3. herriotfan
    15-07-2010 08:30 PM
    Now there's me thinking Emma will be so impressed I sent her this about the weeds and flowers!!! The thought was there.....
    At some point I will brighten your day tomorrow with an email. Not sure when, I may be going out.
  4. em7070
    15-07-2010 06:58 PM
    Hello again I have looked at that website before, thought I'd sent you a link in one of my many emails but maybe I forgot! I've printed half of it out already and got it in a folder, its got great info on there hasn't it!!
  5. em7070
    15-07-2010 06:54 PM
    I know, hurrah nearly Friday!! 4pm and I'm free for 2 days!! I'll take a look at that thread now, thank you
  6. herriotfan
    15-07-2010 04:05 PM
    Look at the thread on new website for weeds and plants. Brilliant idea and very good site!
  7. herriotfan
    15-07-2010 03:50 PM
    Nearly the end of the week Em......
  8. em7070
    15-07-2010 01:09 PM
    Lol thank you Angie I've enjoyed having a read and have replied! Have a great afternoon xx
  9. herriotfan
    14-07-2010 07:27 PM
    Hi Em,
    I did get the email. I was going to reply in the morning so you'd have something to read while bored out of your brain!!
  10. em7070
    14-07-2010 07:21 PM
    Ps. Did you get my email earlier? Hope it wasn't too Gobble-de-gook! x

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