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Conversation Between chris_walton and Henry-flash
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  1. Henry-flash
    17-09-2008 06:28 PM
    Hi Chris_walton,

    Not spoken to you for ages, not online as much atm. You still having computer problems at your end?
  2. Henry-flash
    26-08-2008 01:08 PM
    Coming over it, which sounds even wronger doesn't it
  3. chris_walton
    26-08-2008 01:02 PM
    peter what are you going to be doing with my end this week
  4. Henry-flash
    26-08-2008 12:52 PM
    Oh dear Chris, you're one down on the friends over Sarah now

    Might be over your end this week
  5. Henry-flash
    22-08-2008 10:50 PM
    Sorry if you felt left out LOL, I would have spoken to you as well if you had been on MSN
  6. Henry-flash
    21-08-2008 11:57 AM
    Ohhhhh Sarah's catching you up now, only 3 to go!
  7. Henry-flash
    17-08-2008 07:57 PM
    LOL, Chris we all know you add them!
  8. chris_walton
    17-08-2008 05:36 PM
    pete do you think i should tell people to stop adding me as a freind as i think sarahs getting jealous now lol
  9. Henry-flash
    15-08-2008 09:54 PM
    OMG I am so bored, make me unbored please!
  10. chris_walton
    12-08-2008 11:57 AM
    peter sign in to msn

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