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Ozric Jonathan
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Thanks CB, I understand better now. I thought briefly that you meant everything is good except ivy. But clearly that's not at all what you mean.
I try not to obsess too much over these things but don't always succeed!
And you were streets ahead of me over that documented case. Huge amounts of buttercup is not sensible, a little is unlikely to cause a huge problem.

Nice that it is, one day we should move on from this thread and use the sub sections laid out for us!
Testudo Hermanni Hermanni (Corse) tortoises
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It's the Facebook way I think. Everything goes in one thread
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thanks Jonathan. I do like the case studies with a lot of things as good learning curve.
Sorry I confused also. I have never done facebook, twitter , snappy thing or grammy thing. I find it so boring. I need stimulating conversation but probably waffle on far too much also. Ce le vive !! CB
Horsfields, Spur Thighed, & Marginata
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