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Does it have a dry nose?

By the way, after 5 posts your posts are no longer moderated (I hope) so one more to go
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Originally Posted by CherryBrandy View Post
I find the younger torts do sleep a lot - like a human in different stages of life. My tiny ones still under lamps I tend to wake them up if I think they are 'hiding' too much and get them a routine - have you a routine because they tend to follow the sun outside but inside they don't as its artificial. By routine I mean for example - turn lights on and off at same time, always get him up (maybe put him in a shallow dish of his drinking water) I do mine every day at similar time whether eating or not.. literally whether they are eating or not. Feed every day similar time and place him in front of it - don't leave food down. spray every day similar time - make sure he is out on the stone when you do it. I tap the side of the table and mine come running now. Interestingly whether the lights are on or not they will go where the sun is in their indoor table and outside obviously. Try as much time outside as I suspect it is his rhythm clock. Sounds interfering - so don't go overboard. but devise a good routine even if it is wake him up , place on a stone - doesn't have to be under the lamp. He may be feeling a bit poorly so the shallow dish each day in his own run is a good one as they will dehydrate badly in the atmosphere. I sometimes place a plant next to the run and when you see if drying out on the top of the soil you can judge how dry humidity it is in the house. Feed natural also , weeds or crispy florette is good, good luck , keep us posted, routine !! CB
Lighting shouldn't be an issue as we have it set on a timer of 12hours.I think that is definitely going to be the way forward, we had Terry (our torts name) out for a while a couple of days ago , it had something to eat a quick soak and then disappeared back into the covered part of the table. But having a routine is not a bad shout at all, I think I will try that over the next 2 weeks and see how I get on. I will keep you all posted on how it goes
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I have a dry nose Alan, its soooo hot here CB
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