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Old 14-01-2014, 01:07 PM   #1
pagan queen
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Default Caption competition.

The rules.

I'll post the first picture.
Everyone except the person who posted the pic thinks of a caption and post it on this thread.
You get 7 days to post your caption.
The person who posts the picture chooses the caption they like best.
Whoever posted that caption gets to post the next picture.

I'll go first.

1.0.1 TG Ibera
1.0.0 Chinese Frise dog
0.1.0 African Grey Parrot
0.1.0 Hahns Macaw
0.1.0 Pearly Conure
0.2.0 Guinea Pigs
0.2.0 Chickens
1.0.0 Bearded Dragon
7.4.0 Budgies
1.1.0 Cockatiels
1.3 Kids
1 Husband
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Old 14-01-2014, 01:21 PM   #2
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Let me just close my eyes for a minute as that weed was the best I've had yet and the room is spinning

"Old Fart" Danny
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Old 14-01-2014, 01:36 PM   #3
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Too full. Must. Stay. Awake. Ahhh. Ok I'll just check my lids for leaks.

1:2:0 Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri -
Darwin, Galileo, and Einstein.

Archimedes (THB) RIP June, 2018
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Old 14-01-2014, 01:51 PM   #4
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" In between a rock and a hard place"

TG Terresteris 1:3:1 Apollo & Layla, Santa, Helpa & Unig
TG Iberia 2:3:0 Tonka, LJ, Persephone, Cleo & Clyde
Saffron TGG RIP Jaunary 2019
Jasper, Harry & Ruby pussy cats
4 ex bat hens.
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Old 14-01-2014, 02:27 PM   #5
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Mmmmm really comfy zzzzzzzz

3 THB, Sammy, Jemima, & Phoebe
7 Marginated, Tabitha, Ptolome, Tatiana, Noah,Lottey, Lulu & Poppy
1 TGG (Emma) RIP Feb 2012
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Old 14-01-2014, 09:28 PM   #6
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I'm gonna fart
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Old 15-01-2014, 02:41 AM   #7
alley cat
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Turn that light off, I am trying to sleep!
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Old 15-01-2014, 10:17 AM   #8
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I've done my Cameo time for a bit of shut-eye.
Mum to:
4 children 3.1.0
Testudo Hermanni 5.12.0:Theo, Tamara, Tabitha, Harriet, Isabelle, Clara, Oscar, Hugo, Oliver, Florence, Arabella, Esme, Aurelia, Felicia, Claudia, Atticus, Celestia and Amaris
Chickens 0.2.0: Beatrice & Emilia
White's Tree Frog (Litoria Caerulea) 1.0.0: Tiko
Mack Snow Leopard Gecko 0.1.0: Jazz
Leopard Gecko 0.1.0: Bindi
Budgie: 1.0.0: Jasper
Doggies: 1.1.0 Chester and Lottie
Guinea piggies
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The Monday morning feeling!!
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Old 15-01-2014, 11:07 AM   #10
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Maybe just maybe those pellets will have changed into a lovely dandelion flower when i open my eyes
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