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Default New technology

anything new on the techno front ?

Arcadia D3 seems more expensive than ever.

I use living earth habistat on other bulbs but think this may be old school or out of date.

Ceramics at night , or moon lights seem good just to take the chill off in the day - if the tortoise is older and not overwintering needing the Vit D requirements.

I have 7 tortoise tables in the garage and 7 in the conservatory - amazing what you can achieve with a bit of space saving in mind.

I haven't seen an increase in electricity bills so must be compensating somewhere - or is that to come !

How many people know what their house costs to run daily basis....!

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I have never tried to work it out but I know its a lot.
We had a letter from the electricity company who said our bill will go up by around 900 a year which isn't to bad.
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