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Default Growing indoors

What plants/weeds can be grown inside a tortoise table?
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Originally Posted by tortoiseolly View Post
What plants/weeds can be grown inside a tortoise table?
Weeds cant be grown successfully in a tortoise table.
But you can grown them in seed trays outside, and then bring them in for tortoises to graze on. If you have a few on the go, you can have one seeded, one growing and one in the table:0)
The heat from the bulb/lamp is far to hot for most weeds to grow properly:0)
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I do as Sandy suggests and grow them in trays and then transfer them into the table when they are a reasonable size otherwise they don't get chance to grow before being eaten.
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I've grown spider plants in pots in tables which hang over but only if secure and can't be knocked over or tugged at and aloe vera. some have eaten spider plants, but the aloe vera I trained over so they trail they didn't touch. Now they are more for design than desire. I would never trust a Horsfield with a potted plant though ! CB
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