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Default Help needed. First year outside. What am I doing wrong?

Hi I really need some advice as I'm feeling completely out of my depth.
We have a two year old Horsfield tortoise. His shell is 8cm long. He has spent his first year with us in a covered tortoise table with necessary lighting etc. he was used to going outside on hot days in a covered pen lat summer. This year we have a more permanent set up. We have a covered out door pen with small tortoise shed. Inside the shed I have put a tray of mixed topsoil/sand topped with shredded paper. The problem is that our Ernie likes it a bit too much and only seems to want to spend time in there sleeping. So much so he doesn't seem to want to be out in the sun and I'm therefore worried that he won't be getting the same levels of light he'd get in a tortoise table. We've also tried to let him sleep out there on two separate nights ( warmer nights ) but on both occasions he didn't wake up and go outside once the following day, even to eat. Both times we ended up waking him and bringing him in to put under his lights as he was worryingly cold. Everyone keeps saying being outside is best but I'm worried he's just too young and little. I would be grateful for any advice/similar experiences. Would some additional lighting in his outside she'd help? Many thanks.
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