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Default Been a long long time...

Hello all who remember me,

So itís been years and years since I have posted.

This may be the last post I ever post on here.

Last week, on Wednesday May 26th, my beautiful boy Lily went to rainbow bridge.
He had renal failure and itís a very long painful story to go into here. He was nearly 14 years old.
Those of you that know me will know how devastated I am. Words cannot express my sadness and itís left such an empty void.
He was my life and with me through so many hard and sad times. I miss him every minute of every day.
He also provided me with so many happy times.

I will be doing one more final movie (hopefully some will remember these). It will be a tribute to my beautiful boy, who was unique and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
I will see you again, Lils.

Take care all. xx

Lily's Movie.
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Yvonne G
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Oh my. I'm so very sorry you've lost Lily. I'm new to the Forum and didn't have a chance to read about him, but I DO know how it feels to lose a treasured buddy. My Mi-Shell didn't make it through brumation this past winter. She lived with me for 40 years.

RIP, Lily. You are sorely missed.
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Of course I remember you.
I am so so sorry about Lily. I used to love your little movies. I always remember the image of Lily in his towel.

I can understand how devastated you are. I know just how much Lily meant. Be gentle with yourself.
Lily is now munching away in the sunshine with no pain. Just remember he knew he was loved and you gave him a good life, Rach.
Take care xxx
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my goodness Rach, you are very brave to post your loss and feelings it goes a little way for us to help you, and you to help others. We have all suffered loss at some point and its does get a little easier day by day when you can remember the happy times without the tearful sadness that shrouds you today. dont let your expertise and love go just hold it for a few heartbeats until you can give your love again x x
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