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well, here goes my opuntias by species
not sure if all here, but possibly yes.. lol
some of these I have 2-3 plants of each

(sorry if this is boring.. lol)

1. opuntia leucotrichas + picnantha

2. opuntia aciculata

3. opuntia auriantica, O. baby rita, agave

4. opuntia basilaris

5. opuntia bergeriana

6. opuntia braziliensis

7. Opuntia canterae

8. Opuntia chlorotica santa rita

9. Opuntia cochenelifera variegata (fresh pad cutting under tortoise table light to root)

10. Opuntia cochenelifera variegata aurea sunburst (also on tortoise table to root)

11. Opuntia consolea falcata

12. Opuntia consolea macracantha

13. Opuntia consolea rubescens

14. Opuntia dilleni type 1

15. opuntia dilleni type 2

16. opuntia elata

17. opuntia eliator

18. opuntia ellisiana

19. opuntia ellisiana another type

20. opuntia engelmanni engelm

21. opuntia engelmanni linguiformis

22. opuntia ficus indica

23. unknown opuntia old cutting + some fresh fruits trying to root

24. opuntia grandis

25. nopal grande

26. opuntia humifusa

27. opuntia humifusa another type

28. opuntia linguiformis

29. opuntia litoralis

30. opuntia macrocentra

31. opuntia maxima - very very very old pad from a very old massive cactus, trying to root it

32. opuntia microdasys

33. opuntia microdasys, another types

34. opuntia monocantha

35. opuntia nopal

36. opuntia paraguayensis

37. opuntia polyacantha - very dried pad that I'm trying to root

38. prickly pear

39. opuntia quimilo pad rooting on tortoise table

40. opuntia quitensis

41. opuntia robusta - type 1

42. opuntia robusta - other types

43. opuntia sanguinocola

44. opuntia schikendatzi

45. opuntia subulata

46. opuntia tacinga quipa

47. opuntia tomentosa - rooting the pad

48. opuntia tuna and baby rita

49. opuntia vulgaris

50. unknown very old pad rooting

51. not sure, but possibly opuntia monocantha monstrosa form

52. unknown pad, but possibly opuntia cochenelifera type rooting

53. unknown pad rooting also

54. unknown pads rooting
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Now that is a very impressive collection!
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Default Request

Good morning, I'm wondering if you can tell me where I can buy Opuntia '' Baby Rita '' in UK or Europe because I do not find it in Italy and in the US. It is forbidden to import, I'm waiting for your answer thank you:Sorriso:
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wow no, some one else might but thank you for the opuntianity to look at these photos again. And welcome to the spikey world of SW, CB
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Ozric Jonathan
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Hi there

I was able to find some plant nurseries in the US that say they have this plant on sale.

Such as this one:

I think there are rules to stop plants being sent in the post so I think you have to find a supplier where you are.

Good luck with it.
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