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Ozric Jonathan
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Default Posting about other forums

This question has come up a couple of times recently. Can we put up links to other forums?

My understanding is that we're allowed to mention other forums and we can post links to information that we think might be useful or interesting to other members.

What we must take care not to do is complain about other forums or run them down, using this forum as a platform to say how bad another forum is or how the members on it don't look after their personal hygiene. I think this means in practice that we don't criticise another forum for the stance it takes on husbandry or how it runs it's affairs and we don't take cheap shots at people.

Many times we've posted links to articles by respected organsations or individuals and it's never been a problem.

I'm happy to be corrected by one of the moderators / admin if I'm getting this wrong!
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You are correct Jonathan Links in signatures is where we get into problems, especially if the people don't ask first if they can.
Though would always be better if you can find the article and link directly to it as opposed to going through another forum.

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Sorry to be have to ask but what is a "link in signature"? Also if the information is contained in a thread on another forum is it acceptable to post a link or say which forum and what the thread is called id it could be of interest such as in my post on closed chambers where it is actually a member of another forum who is trying out new husbandry methods?

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My link is a shameful plug...not to a site, I'm guessing I am ok with that?

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