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Default coco

Hi all, been a while since I've been on here! But hopefully you guys can help (you normally do)
I've recently changed my torts table around and the first time I've used that coco stuff... I normally use graded top soil from wickes....
Anyway... its been in a couple of days now... I'm finding it doesn't need spraying as much however I've noticed today that a film has started to appear in places... and it looks like mould growth to me... has anyone else had this?

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Ive been using Coco for nearly two years never noticed a film/mould on it. I have however found a rusty nail and a piece of glass in it so make sure you filter through it with your hands to make sure your tortoise doesnt find anything it my try and eat, i think i got a bad batch as it both bits i found had been in same block but because i have mixed two brands i wasnt sure who to write a complaint letter to.
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