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Originally Posted by CherryBrandy View Post
morning all !!! Emma & Yvonne its just like a netflix movie ! and then you win millions of pounds and build a tortoise village, save turtles and tortoises...I wait with anticipation. I broke my foot getting it trapped in the duvet - what is it with aquarians!? none weight bearing plaster cast (they shouldn't have cause like yours it then swelled up ! and an air boot for 12 weeks. Hope alan and Gordon and you feeling bit better. its been dire weather here and thinking of packing the torts off and then bingo its 100 degrees. hope everyone is ok and have a nice week , ill try send some pickys soon..
If only I could win millions!!

Goodness Clare, when did you break your foot? Sounds like a nightmare being in a cast and then an air boot! Hope it's healing well.
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Iím here , but havenít been on much the last year, I either tired, busy or lazy. Will try harder .

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