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To be honest, no reputable breeder would sell tortoises this time of the year.
As for new keepers its probably the worst time to learn how to keep them.
Temps and light levels are low, so tortoises do not act as they would in the Spring. Good food is also not readily available if you dont have any knowledge on plants. The weeds are there but you have to know whats good and whats not.
Also the most commonly kept tortoises should be in hibernation:0)
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I've had a few problems replying to you as quick as I would have liked but my posts all get set aside for permission, probably because I'm still new.

I've really left researching the whole pet shop/UK breeder discussion far too late to accommodate the me and my daughter taking on a tortoise in time for Christmas.

With that being said we now have a new addition called, 'Shelly'! Original I know.

Thanks for all the help so far and I hope I can come back for some more advise on what's best for Shelly.

p.s although I didn't follow your advise, although I would have preferred to, doesn't mean I didnt value it.

Thanks again guys.
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Nice of you to take the time to post again ! in my book if you can provide a good home for a tortoise any time of year that has to be a good thing. There are always good people who need good homes for their beloved pets at any time of the year also due to unforeseen circumstances and other reasons too....Well done ! let us know how Shelly gets on if possible.....CB
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