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Default 2.5in radiated placing outdoor

hi guys, as above, i am thinking to put 3 of my 2.5inch radiated outdoor. This is how the thing goes. i will put them in a dog cage (to prevent predator) which got a big container (the dog cage size) inside. In the container,there is a humid area where i put some soil+cocopeat+plants like mulberry,hibiscuits, and grapes plant. Besides that, there is also a water bowl, tiles for feeding purpose and few hiding place. the reason why i put plants inside is to allow them to eat whenever they wan, act as natural vivarium and also a shelter when is gets hot.btw, i am living in a tropical country- malaysia.

i hope to get some advice and comment from u guys.
thanks in advance.
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hi Eddie its great to hear from you,i think as long as you ensure they dont become overheated this will certainly be an improvment over being indoors.its a shame you cant build an area or enclosure permanently outdoors that you can put them into daily.i find things dont dry out as quickly when planted directly into the ground.also please post pictures of these little guys ,im keen to see them and how they develop in captivity.
these are my own opinions do with them what you will.
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