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Castoffs... animals people don't want for one reason or another.

A good looking, healthy Leopard is usually not given away. It is either kept or sold.

Rarely do you find a nice leopard for free.

Originally Posted by Evie View Post
What does that mean Ed - bottom of the barrel?
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Trying to keep the fun in Chelonian care
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Oh - I am with you now.

Honey grew to big for her viv - the couple had not realised how big a leopard got !!! and Daisie was found in a garden- not claimed after much canvassing/posters/notifying police RSPCA ect and the lady that found her didn't want a tortoise.

But I can see what your saying.
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i contrast i have been incredibly lucky ( touch wood).......i only paid for one of my leos. the others just came in dribs and drabs. other than a hay allergy and a bad reaction to baytril ( injected) i have had no health concerns. excpet for viktor the pyramidded leo but he is the most active out of the bunch!
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Originally Posted by EJ View Post
Leopards are not normally prone to RNS. If you are lucky enough to get healthy stock it is never a problem. It can be a problem with chronic cases but that is not the norm.
We have 29 (was 32, until 3 went to a new home) Leopards here at the moment, 12 that we have had for over 2 years, they were all seizures, despite all the stress they probably had with shipment, (some were injured from the first group) we have not had any problems with RNS (touch wood)
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