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Smile Which tortoise?

Hi all, seems this is the place to go for the best answer for my partner and I in our search for info! We've got a large fenced backyard with lots of lawn and plants. We want to get a pair of tortoises, but I can't work out which species would be best for us, having never kept tortoises before. Ideally, we want a pair that are older, large enough to spend most of the year outside without fear of predators (we'll provide a safe enclosure for them to shelter in, too). Prefer a relatively sociable species that likes to roam around and make use of the garden space available Which varieties hibernate? Do they still need a heated indoor enclosure if they hibernate in the colder months? What gender should the pair be in order to get along with each other? Will 2 females generally co-habit more peacefully than 2 males? Should we buy through a breeder listed on this site? Would Leopards be suitable? Lots of questions, sorry! Appreciate any and all advice! Shakey
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hi shakey...... have you looked through the care sheets? they tell you of the requirements.... all torts will need some sort of heated accomadation when cold...but the care sheet will give you a good idea...

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Red face which tortoise?

Thanks Lou, found the care sheets and they're really helpful. Still a bit unclear about this whole "choosing" to hibernate your tortoise, though. What factors determine this decision? I've read a lot about hibernation checks throughout, and post hibernation care, but not much about how it actually comes about in the first place?? Does the keeper initiate this process?
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There's no choice in hibernation really, they need to be hibernated or they don't. Hermanns, spur-thigheds, marginateds and horsefields all hibernate, red foots, leopards, sulcatas and indian stars don't hibernate. It sounds like there's a choice, but there's really not.
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I personally wouldn't choose Horsfields cos of the digging there are more adaptations that need to be made to your garden. Ibera (Spur-thighed etc) and Hermanns dig too but rarely deeop enough that you lose them. You will find that they are very ritualistic and bet you'll find them sleeping in the same place every day! You would only not hibernate a med tortoise if it were ill, quarantined, or underweight, but if you are getting a rehomed one through a society it will have a health check. I can give you the name of the biggest breeder certainly in Southern England but not on this site. He has over 400 that he keeps to breed, and there's nothing he cant tell you. Hermanns and Spur-thighed are probably the easiest to keep-Hermanns are smaller, both species are very responsive to humans although I dont really classify any of mine as 'pets' as I would my cats. Two females would live happily, males may do once dominance is establoished-I have 2 Hermanns males and 2 Horsfield males living happily, the latter are 'just good friends' the Hermanns are inseperable (they refuse to eat if seperated cos they are too busy trying to get to each other-I keep them apart when waking from hiberantion until they are eating normally) but they clash head to head (only 1st thing in the season for a few days) and 'mate' (when it's very hot and when they've had a bath) Although I have 6 Horsfields, I really would recommend one of the other two species!
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Thanks for the info. I'm looking to buy my first two and was also confused about what to go for. x
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