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Originally Posted by Angie44 View Post
Thanks for your reply,Terry. Yes, we take him outside and he has access to a substantial area of lawn. Pardon my ignorance but what is plantain and can I grow it? He won't eat dandelion leaves either-are there other coarse weeds you could suggest? Also, can you advise about temperatures outside? We have only been taking him outside when it's over 70 degrees.
Apologies also-I think I've posted this question again as as part of another post-my error!
hi i find most tortoises enjoy smooth sowthistle, hawkbit and cats ear go down well.the plantain i feed are hoary ,greater and ribwort plantain.i think Sarah sells the seeds in the sw shop on this site.also if you google images they are fairly distinctive and common you may well have seen them growing near your home.once they are warmed up 65f is adequate specially if the sun is out,as they will bask and and control their own temperature.
these are my own opinions do with them what you will.

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Thanks for your help Burgers-I'll try that.
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