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Thanks, those links are interesting. The books we have with detailed nutritional value are American so it lists things that are readily available there and not so much here. It'll help me plan their meals better =)
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I would agree with black cat. I feed my reds over an 8 day week as follows:
day 1: weeds
day 2: weeds
day 3: fruit
day 4: zoo med forest tortoise pellets
day 5: weeds
day 6: weeds
day 7: fruit
day 8: soaked senior cat biscuits
I think the zoo med forest tortoise pellets are really good. They look like chunky pellets of chopped hay and are nice and fibrous and contain various grasses and papaya and mango. Apparently it can be used as a staple diet but I personally choose not to use it that way. They do seem to really like it and the breeder who I got my torts from (who is certainly reputable) said they were really good and on par with mazuri. I would definately recommend it over the usual kibble type formulas which seem very unnatural and non-fibrous in my opinion.
Hope you find this useful.
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