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I don't think she'll have a problem at all with nesting.

Originally Posted by Gisa Rieske View Post
Well, I am not going to rename her, so she better stay a girl. I told her that too. I had to rename one of my turtles already from Friedrich to Friedrina.
Tigerlily came out of Georgia and no, my torty was not one of her hatchlings. As I found out later she only had her for a few months before selling her to me. She probably could not help me about what my torty liked because she has not had her long enough to get to know her. She told me she loves cherry tomatoes. I have yet to get her to even try one. She likes fruits, except cherry tomatoes. She inhales hibiscus, mushrooms and berries.
Since you have seen other tortoises without front claws IF she turns out to be a girl, will she have any problems digging holes to lay eggs? I am a little afraid she might not be able to dig a suitable hole to lay and then become egg bound. What do you think? Do I need to start a new thread with this?
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I think the marbling is quite attractive =) Very pretty!
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