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Default Redfoot bubbles from nose

Hi my reds have just woken up and one has bubbles from it's nose ! Is this rns anything I can do , does it need vet treatment ?
Thank you x x x love Rocky,spots,Stella,petals and chalks the Leos and maisy and marmalade the red foots xxxxxx
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Hi, had it been eating anything beforehand. Does its breathing sound a bit wheezy or sneezing. It would do no harm to take it to a vet who knows about tortoises. If its RNS, runny nose syndrome, then it probably will need an antibiotic.
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One of my reds (my little "runty" one [for want of a better term!!!]) occasionally blows bubbles after he's eaten weeds. He's been checked out and all appears well. He only does it occasionally (I've had them all for 3 yrs) I was really concerned at first but it just seems to be something he does occasionally and only after eating.

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