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A bit harsh there Jim. People have opinions that is a human trait, why is that a bad thing we all have the right to voice them? I value RFMs opinions as much as everyone else's and I too believe he should voice them if he wishes to but that doesn't mean he is invalidating anyone else's opinions. I don't think anyone is trying change peoples minds just giving their point of view so that all ideas can be discussed and considered.

If you don't like people having opinions then maybe you shouldn't be here. Just my opinion.

Originally Posted by Luckyjim View Post
You're probably right there, RFM, if you think that by contributing to this thread you can argue with some people enough to get them to change thier minds. It won't happen. I've tried it once or twice on here, and it is a waste of time, in that sense. That's because many of the opinions posted here (and in most other places) are expressed by people who are, almost by definition, opinionated.

But it won't necessarily be a waste of time. You won't know how many people will read what you have to say and will (even if just privately) agree with you.
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