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Originally Posted by Charlane View Post
Hi I have been given a 9 year old tortoise after reading up on here the vivarium i've been given with her is no good at all, is possible to just put in the garden tomorrow or do i need to introduce slowly? Also hasnt been hybernated ever.. what should i do as pet shop recommended to keep up for a year and feed until i'm used to routine is this correct? currently using packed grass pellets as was told sawdust provided was dangerous for digestion.. only feeding lettice and cucumber as tortoise pellets in shop didnt appeal to me as seemed too unnatural, off to library in morning to read up but any advise really apprechiated.
Congrats on your tortoise! 9 years is almost adult, quite a find to get.
Unfortunately you will not find a lot of good Tortoise books in library, some books giving wrong advise. I believe ther is still a book available to buy that teach you to feed tortoise well before hibernation, which is completely opposite!
What species have you got? Try to make a photos of him/ her and we will ID your new tortoise.
Tortoise pellets can be good if it is reputable brand. What brand do you use? Please read forum here, it is best guide to fresh weeds around, if you live in UK/ Europe.
Do not release it to the garden unattended for first weeks, have a look in housing/ outdoor run section there plenty of brilliant advice out there.
Would be good to find reptile vet in your area and have a check-up.
Keep us posted.
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