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Mrs Frog
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Default I am seriously thinking of getting a Sulcata

We have the space,huge garden,double garage and a utilitly room so plenty of areas in which to keep a sulcata
As you know I have four hermanns,so I know a bit about tortoises
I am wondering if a baby is best or find one that needs a good home?
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Find one that needs a home !
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Easter Bunny
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Yeh I agree one that needs a good home, a second chance. That would be so rewarding I think.

lynne x
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Yeah, get a rescue!
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I agree with the others Jackie, I'm sure there are quite a few out there that need a new home, or at least there will be more and more as time goes on.

May be worth having a chat to other Sully keepers, not so much those with babies but those with adults to get an honest run-down of what it's like to keep one of these. I believe they do their own landscaping and it's not so much Chelsea flower show, more like Diggerland
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Now ... it just so happens ..... . PM me if you are serious
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burnt toast
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Jackie pm box girl I know she had two quite big ones, so could give you a good picture of what to expect when theyre older. Good luck!
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you're going to be in that summerhouse all summer
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And next summer the way she's going
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Awww Jackie this is wonderful news, I agree you should rescue

HI HO HI HO IT'S TO THE SUMMERHOUSE YOU GO.............................
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