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Default stars and hedhogs

Recently I have been looking into buying a pygmy hedgehog. and iv just been trying to find the out if they could be kept with indian stars?. and if possible should I get a bigger enclosure.Was just wondering if this could work out? i have tried researching it and cant find any answers thank you
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Hi there!
I have an egyptian long-eared hedgehog, and I'm afraid I wouldn't dream of putting him near my tortoises! As soon as you put something new in his enclosure, his first reaction is to bite and chew at it to learn what it is! Indian stars are particularly sensitive tortoises, so certainly wouldn't be able to deal with the hedgehogs activities (they're very active during the night). This would also put the tortoise in even more danger as they would be vulnerable to attack when they are in their least active state.
Also, hedgehogs are quite pungent, and produce a fair amount of sticky poop, which could upset a stars respiratory system and also make a mess of them as they wander around.
Sorry to disappoint but I'm afraid this is a no-go! Its highly unadvisable to keep different species of tortoise together, so mixing them with anything else just isn't a good idea.
Hope this helps!

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