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burnt toast
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No snow here (they kept threatening!) But temperatures of minus five last night.
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Rained all night so most of our snow has now disappeared thank goodness.
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Originally Posted by Yvonne G View Post
I've never associated the UK with snow. Is this a regular occurrence there?
In Scotland it is and last July when I was up in the highlands there was still snow lying in the shaded areas
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oh my goodness what will us brits do with no deal brexit if we are banned from talking about the weather. it is clearly only a british pastime that has not been ruined by EU laws. I always love these posts they go on for months on end. We need Yvonne to give the lowdown on centra California (if you will Yvonne ) and then we can comment on that too!
18 degrees in the greenhouse with it all covered up also !!! Torts were chil to the touch but my was hot in there ! nearly time !!! cant wait CB
Horsfields, Spur Thighed, & Marginata
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Yvonne G
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LOL! Normally here in my area, we're in drought-like conditions. But this winter has been very different. It has been more spring-like, with sunny days and nights in the 40'sF (sorry for Farenheit, but this old brain refuses to convert to celsius). Then, all of a sudden, a couple mornings ago I woke up to a white world. Everything was frozen. Frost all over the place. Hoses frozen, water pans frozen. But still having sunny days.

If it ever snows here, it is a scarce occurrence, and something that newspapers write articles about and radio stations talk about for weeks. A very unusual thing.

I can't wait until summer!
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