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Dan UK
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Default Do any of you use Tapatalk Forum App for any other forums?

Do any of you use Tapatalk Forum App for any of the forums you browse at all?

It's a couple of quid if you want to use it to post and whatnot, you can upload pictures direct from your phone or tablet on most types of devices (android / iOS etc). You get push notifications, so when a thread you've started has a reply, it pings your phone etc.

On my forums I've got some really good feedback on it and now in the evening about 15 - 20% of all users browsing the forums are logged in via Tapatalk.

It costs about 2.99 I think, but you pay for the app, and then can browse thousands of forums using Tapatalk, not just this one. There is a free version that lets your browse but not login and post etc. Sort of pointless but you might want to check that out before you buy or whatever.

Just wondering if it's something you use, or would use, it might be worth getting a Poll up or something and see if it's something we'd end up installing for you lot.

I've just recently paid for the custom Tapatalk app which then means I can set the price to Zero so people can download it for free. But then I pay $29 per month per forum, and I've bought it for 7 forums. So it's a costly thing for the forum then and perhaps not worth even considering if only a low percentage of people use apps for the forum sort of thing.

Just thought I'd ask. Don't want to tread on toes. It's up to the bosses not me.
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I do use it for the archery forums I use. Great for keeping up to date whilst on iPhone at work. But I seem to remember when it was brought up before people suggested it was the thin end of the wedge to sloppy posting. Personally though my typing is the same on Tapatalk or safari as they use the same interface.
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Default Yes I would like to use Tapatalk

I downloaded Tapatalk the other day soley to use this forum so I would like it if the required plugin was loaded. I promise my typing wont degrade if I use it.

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Old 04-01-2013, 03:45 PM   #4
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It has been asked about in the past. I didn't like the fact we'd have to pay that much for it for only a small percentage of users. I also don't like the fact that if you log in to a forum that runs the plugin on a device that doesn't have the app, it's nags you each time you go there. I've personally never had a problem reading the forums on an iPhone or iPad, but if we ever did get the demand I suppose it's something to consider.
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Ozric Jonathan
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Quite a lot of people who post here use a mobile phone to access and it is not always easy to navigate around the forum on some mobiles.

It's a subject that has come up a few times and there are always members who say they would like to have this but it's very difficult to say how many would use it. My personal belief is that if we had this then we would have more members and more members would access the forum more often. Will be interesting to see how many replies you get Dan.
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I use it to view a few other forums, it does make it a lot easier to navigate
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I have never needed to use it on my mobIle or tablet.
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Originally Posted by stells View Post
I have never needed to use it on my mobIle or tablet.
doesn't negate the need for others to do so though, I don't like whisky but others do Plus it collects all my forums in one place for easy review of all of them.
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