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Update: Little dude is fine so far .
He still is the runt of the litter. His younger siblings (by about a month) are bigger than him, but he's been eating a lot more than the rest of the pack. All my torts hate basil, but he loves it. Dandelion too. Its like watching a little vegan piranha.

Thank you guys for the support!

I have 2 more eggs in my home made 'bator, lets hope they hatch without problems. I'd hate to repeat this procedure.
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That's really good news how about some more pictures as Chaco tortoises are so rarely seen. x
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Originally Posted by 001 View Post
Ok, I tied and cut the thing. He seems a lot better in terms of mobility and overall attitude, but so far today hasn't eaten anything. Hopefully he will get better soon.

@Yvonne G, they are somewhat rare here too, and I'm in Argentina, where the species originates. It's illegal to sell them, let alone have one as a pet. I haven't seen a turtle for sale in a pet shop since the 80s. BUT, Margaret Turtler and Darthes, the parents of all my torts, have been in the family since before that.
Glad it seems to be sorted.

If they are illegal to keep, presumably a Vet is under an obligation to report to the relevant authorities should you take in for treatment? Although, if they are in their original 'home', it would be slightly different?
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Glad to hear hes doing well.

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