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Exclamation Help! New redfoot owner!!

Hello, I recently became the proud owner of a baby red foot named Dash.

Iím guessing heís probably about 4 months old as he weighs 64.3g.

I have trawled the internet for advice about him. He is currently in a large tortoise table with a hide. He doesnít come out unless I bring him out and place him under his basking lamp in the morning. He will stay there for around 20 minutes before going to eat a tiny bit of food then he goes and buried himself in the corner of his hide. Is this normal? Iím concerned that he isnít getting enough uv etc. I think he stays in the hide most of the day whilst I am at work. When Iím home I give him a soak for about 15 minutes in shallow tepid water. Once he is back on the table he then goes straight back in the hide. I try and tempt him with a little more food but he wants to be in the dark. I feed him curly kale, dandelion leaves, dried flowers, and fruit for example tomatoes, strawberries apple and mango all sprinkled with calcium dust. Iím aware he needs animal protein but donít even know where to begin with this?

I also wonder whether his hide needs more things. He has his hide, a log tunnel and his water dish. Would more plants/foliage help?

Also, would he thrive more with a friend? Do they prefer company?

Iím so worried Iím doing something wrong and would really appreciate any advice on the above please?

Thank you all 🙂🐢
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