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Default Hello, everyone. Got a whole list of questions for you!

Hello, everyone. I've had my tortoises for two years now, although they are three! So I've got some questions I've been saving up. I really want to be a good owner, but I am really uncertain about some things...

Testudo hermanni boettgeri.

First of all:
My tortoises live on primarily Brassica rapa ssp. (Chineese cabbage) and ruccula in the winter. I've also given them some rapido from time-to-time and some pellets. They love their pellets, especially the red ones. As for their weekly "candy", I give them some good tomatoes. They seem to really love them too. I enjoy giving them the cherry tomatoes, as they roll away when they try biting them. Bit of exercise for them. They actually work together sometimes in order to keep them from rolling. What I'm wondering is; is this winter-diet good enough? In my cold corner of the world (Norway), getting clovers etc. is pretty hard. They also eat their substrate from time-to-time. ( I use chipped wood. It keeps the humidity, and they can eat it. It also absorbs their urine pretty well.)

Substrate and light:
I use chipped wood, as I specified above. I keep one area with sand, another with wood-pellets and the rest with chips. I keep a spray-bottle of water and I shower some of the substrate and my tortoises every day with it. Just a bit to keep the humidity up. As for lighting I use this lamp here:

I was told that I would only need this one, but it seems it only radiates UVB... Anyone have any input on this? I trust the salesman, but I want to make sure.

When it comes to hibernation, I still have not hibernated my tortoises. I was told by the seller that he did it usually after four years. Said it could be dangerous for them if I did it anytime before that. I haven't seen them having any problems with it. If only they could speak... Then again, it's not too late to hibernate them, I guess.

In the summer, I have them outside in a box me and my father built a year ago. They seem to enjoy it, as the grass grows fast and there are spiders that they sometimes eat. But I take them in during the nights, so that they won't be cold.

All-in-all I hope for some input. I really, really want them to be happy and good.
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