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Well back home today and another week of my life wasted. They said all is good at the moment so I'm assuming all test that the micro biologist did were ok.
The only down side is now they have screwed with hy head a bit more I'm worried as to if I will get back in there if it all goes wrong again.
They I think must have a plan in place if it happens again as now two consultants have said to cut it open big time and remove at least three of my eleven pack which seems rather drastic and will need some sort of guarantee I'm thinking. Also if they do it one side they will need to do the other or I will lose my centre of balance.
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Think positive young man this is it now onwards and upwards I need you recovered as there will be a lot of work to be done in our new abode!! xx
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Glad you’re home. No better place to start to feel better and get your head straighter. There’s no shame in admitting it’s been a hard thing to go through as it has and it’s inexcusable, but let’s think positive right now and hope all is well and you will continue to improve and heal and at least you have a target to work towards - sorting out Mary’s new garden! She’ll be working you like a Trojan!
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