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Default help on herman tortoise please

i have a herman tortoise (Sidney ) who us approx 5 years old. I am no longer sure he is a male . i have noticed his tail has recently become extremely swollen and would like to know could he/she be egg bound. i have no experience with regards this and would appreciate advice , may thanks Alita
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burnt toast
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Hi have you noticed any change in behavior? pacing, going off food? Either way a trip to a good vet with tort experience would be wise. An x-ray would tell if she were carrying eggs or had a stone. I did see another (male) tort with a very swollen tail Dan thought it may be an infection or stone if I remeber correctly.

Do you regularly weigh your tort? & in the mean time id give it lots of baths.
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alley cat
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Hi, are you sure his swollen looking tail isn't just that he has matured and become an obvious male!!?? maybe if you could post a pic it may help.
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