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Default Acceptable weight loss in hibernation

So I am hibernating my two year old iberas for the first time this year. I have seen some conflicting information about acceptable weight loss during hibernation so I'm not totally sure if they are ok. They have been down for 2 weeks.

These are the weekly weigh ins:

start -- week1 -- week2
D: 348 -- 340 -- 333 (4.3% loss)
P: 273 -- 261 -- 254 (7% loss)

They otherwise look fine, opened their eyes when I handled them. During the first week the weather was a bit warm so the temperature in the box was around 10 for a few days, but has now settled to a steady 7-9 degrees during the second week.

Is it ok to keep them hibernating for another two weeks (my original plan)? Is this weight loss too much and should I get them up soon?
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