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Default Post hibernation eating

Firstly, thank you to all who have helped me so much as a new tort keeper. I have a twelve year old horsfield tort. We got him last year and had three very successful months before hibernation. He was checked out by the vet before we fridge hibernated him. The vet advised 6-8 weeks but we stuck with what his previous owner said was usual for him - 11 weeks. Accordingly, we brought him out of hibernation yesterday - following usual instructions of warm room, house and plenty of baths. He seems happy and bright but has not eaten yet. His house is 30C plus. He just seems to want to sit under his lamp with eyes closed. I've read that you need to worry at a week post hibernation without food but I'm wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea of how quickly an otherwise healthy looking tort should take to eat. I've given him his favourite foods plus tomatoes. Do they take a few days to get going? I live in southern England. Thank you again for any help.
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