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Default Help - Numbers Wearing Off

Any suggestions to this question.
My 2 Hermann were born in Tubingen 25/08/2011. They are doing just fine here in Denmark = growing by small leaps and bounds = Their registration number 177 and 179 is wearing off. How can these numbers become more new/clear again on their growing shells? I know that they need to be re-registered when they are five years. I however might be emmigrating to Italy with them and do not have clue how to go about this. I do not have a car and the cheaper airlines at least do not tkae animals. No - I will not risk smuggling.
Yes, they also have names = Borge and Maja + plenty of fotos.

I know I am posting this the wrong place, but for the life of me, I can not figure out how I can post my own original question?

Suggestions to any of these questions will be very much appreciated.
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Hi borge

I'm not sure what you mean by their numbers wearing off? Many breeders mark their torts with nail varnish or the like but this is only a temporary measure. Over here in England we don't permanently mark their shells, they are identified by photos of their plastron and shell and when they are bigger by microchip should the keeper wish to do so.
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Thanks for quick reply.
It seems to be some kind of fluarecent paint that was used.
I do have their "papers/passports" with fotos of shell when 1 month.
In my eyes the shells have changed quite a lot, but seemingly they are quite unique to the expert
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