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Default Autumn


My horsfield tort (about 4 years old I think!) has been outside in a large enclosure for 2 months now. He has taken a long time to get used to the outside enclosure, largely staying in bed until I wake and bath him, he will then eat and potter about for half hour before returning to bed.

But now he is venturing out even less frequently but is still eating when I bath him.

My question is, should I get him back inside under the usual conditions (heat lamp and ceramic bulb) until I hibernate him?

What do people usually do at this time of year? When he was inside he was bombing around and very active, but the outdoor enclosure is much much larger but because of the change / cooler conditions he is not as interested!

Thanks for any replies!

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to be honest its been so miserable here in the midlands my adults have had their lights/heat on most days, without that they wouldn't come out at all. My advice would be to start bringing your tort in at night and only put it out on decent days, you have to keep it awake for a few months yet and if you're not hibernating then its even more important that it doesn't start to wind down. Maybe next year you could think about putting some heating/light in your outside house, I know some never bother but at least if you have it you can use it on miserable days without it you always have to have a table set up inside, we can never say what our summers will be like.
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I never leave my torts outside at night even when its high summer for security reasons more than anything. I've read of so many torts being stolen this year.
As said previously you need to keep him going for longer yet so keep the temps regular. Its amazing how they can sence the smallest tempreture change.
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Hi Nick

There is a definite change in the air, my Iberas are getting up later and retiring earlier. One is getting fussier about what he eats and that is usually a sign for him that autumn is on it's way.

If you want to keep him going then yes I'd start bringing him in
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thanks all. he is now inside with all the benefits of a strip UV, ceramic heater and spot light.

that should sort him out!
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Any advice for keeping torts at correct temperatures when the autumn sets in. I suppose I mean other than powering up the central heating all the time.

Reason I ask is that my two torts didn't eat a thing today and have been eating progressively less since it's been getting cooler.

Could be something else though I suppose .

Forgot to say they are two years old living in a table with UVA/b combined lamp.

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