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Default update on indian star health

as some of you know my stars ahd respitaroy problems
so i thogiht i'd update you all now the treamtnet ended a week ago their both alot more active and eating like mad the one that lost weight has now gailed 4.5g in over a week the other one was gained about the same too so their alot better now

0.0.2 indian star
0.1.0 florida soft shell
0.1.0 yellow belly sliders
0.0.1 Sulcatta
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burnt toast
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Thats good news, well done.
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Glad to hear it
They are sooo cute x
pixie, eddie and susannah
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Thanks on the update, good to hear they eat well now.
1.2.0 Geoshelone elegans (Indian Star)
1.2.1 Kinosternon Bauri (Three Striped mud turtles)
0.0.2 Sternotherus Carinatus (Razorback Musk Turtle)
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glad there getting better bud
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Very glad to hear this.
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That's great news. You must be so relieved!

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