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Default Lighting help!

I'm moving my two 3 year old horse fields from their table to one I am making myself. I have used a bookcase frame as the table and it's pretty solid and a great size (120cm x 60 x50). In their current table they have a uv strip light and a basking heat lamp. What lighting and heat will I need for a table this big? Will the combination options work well?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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if its a strip light for UV A AND B then around 16" would be fine, bigger ok also (others more expert can advise too as I use combined heat bask and UVAB), Basking heat lamp up off floor around 12 inches at 80 watt is fine. Aiming for heat at 26- 29 in hot end. 16 - 22 cool end (or can go down to). Horsfields fair better less heat I find otherwise they will be inactive and burrow perhaps. CB
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