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Default Sternotherus Carinatus and Apple snails?

I have two young Razorback musks (Sternoterus Carinatus) they live in a 4ft tank, just two of them. I also have a smaller separate tank with some Apple snails, they do not breed as I was lucky to get all females. If I put my snails with Razorbacks, will my musk turtles eat snails?
1.2.0 Geoshelone elegans (Indian Star)
1.2.1 Kinosternon Bauri (Three Striped mud turtles)
0.0.2 Sternotherus Carinatus (Razorback Musk Turtle)
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Yes! mine love snails of all types, they probably wont last long at all.
they dont dig for them like my baurii and subrubrums do so youd be better off trying malayasian trumpets or something like that.
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also just added you as i was a member previously but had to change email and everything and im no longer able to message people.

my name is Rory and i have the other Baurii that were imported at the same time as yours.
I would like to offer you my spare female. I was going to sell her but i think she would like to be back with the turtles she grew up with more, so if you'd like her she is free to you.

hope your well.
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