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Default Turtle Pond

Hi guys decided to build a pond for my turtles last year after they out crew the 2nd tank i got for them , cost me about 400 well worth it i think . have a look at the pics cheers =]
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They should love that! How many do you have? Do you leave them outdoors 24/7? Our adults have been outside for a couple of weeks now, and will be until October. The smaller, younger and special ones will be going out at the end of this month.

Only a couple of thoughts - its going to be a bit tricky pruning the trees and/or painting the fence. Presumably you have a filter for the pond? We have various basking areas in the ponds and clumps of plants that they sit on.

Do make sure they cannot climb out. In one picture there are two sitting on the pond edge.
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Somebody's been busy Looks like you've put in a lot of hard work for your turtles with great results Welcome to the forum

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Hi and welcome. Looks great. x

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Welcome to the forum. I love your pond and your turtles. What a great feature for your garden!
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Great looking pond and great looking turtles, they will love it x

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